Our Teachers

Do you remember your own school days? Chances are it isn't the science equipment or the playground that first comes to mind. It will be your favorite teacher.
Perhaps because they were one of the first adults to really understand you. Or because they made learning seem so easy. Whatever the reason we know great teachers inspire great students.
That’s why at TLA Education, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators.
We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when teachers have the right support and opportunities to develop.
So, what makes a great T.L.A teacher? .
• T.L.A Quality Standards - High quality teachers all creating educational excellence.
• The Right Tools - A world of resources and tools at their fingertips.
• Career Pathways - Rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere.
• Pioneering People - Engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge.
When you come in to any one of our schools, we are sure you'll be welcomed by our great teachers.

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Meet our teachers

With Competent teachers, leaders and education specialists, the TLA Education team is a group of diverse, talented and passionate educators. Our teachers are all education professionals, who know better than most that you never stop learning. Every TLA teacher has access to the TLA Professional Development programme, and over a number of events and workshops each year - keeping their teaching practices cutting-edge, connected to their colleagues and highly effective in the classroom. As you start to get to know our teachers, they'll want to get to know you and your family. We believe that close parent-teacher relationships are essential to helping students achieve their individual best. That's why TLA Schools strongly provide parent resources and promote programmes which encourage parental involvement.

TLA leaders

TLA Leaders are responsible for ensuring these world class expertise reach children in the classroom. Our principal, heads and coordinators shape the direction of T.L.A school, establishing their culture, their ethos and their direction.
Above all, TLA leaders are there to inspire and to motivate; giving teachers the support and confidence they need to be the very best educators and motivating students to achieve their full potential - with the full support of TLA parents.
Our Leaders have an exceptional track record, focusing on outstanding results, happy teachers, successful students and involved parents.

Inspecting quality

We may be passionate about constant improvement and innovation in teaching, but we're also serious about maintaining our high standards in every single T.L.A Teacher.

TLA advisors

TLA School are shaped by our network of world-renowned educators, experts in education reform and globally-respected teaching specialists. From former head teachers of prestigious establishments Our network of multi-skilled advisors provide invaluable support and guidance in all areas of school life.
They help us ensure world class standards of education for TLA students and share with us the best and latest educational practices from around the world.
Want to be part of the TLA family? We have roles for new recruits, and pre-degree to post graduate courses, professional development, training and specialist courses for TLA teachers.
With TLA Careers and TLA Education Teacher Training, Leadership and Development there has never been a better time to teach.
Opportunities around the world for bright, passionate educators

Connected classrooms

A bird's eye view of the world, from their classroom at home.
From a national curriculum, to contact with schools all over the world, TLA offer a truly global education, helping young people become well-informed world citizens.
We believe that the diversity of our students and our schools is one of our greatest strengths.
Our diversity gives our students the unique opportunity to study and experience other cultures, other languages and other belief systems through social interaction and exciting, global initiatives. This cultural richness instills a unique international understanding in our pupils - just what they need to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.
Are you ready to give your child a truly global education? Try our school finder or school search map to discover everything about us

New ways to learn

We are always innovating
We're proud to run one of the very best schools ; our teachers, heads and principal, however, don't like to rest on their laurels.
We are always looking to find new and creative ways to stimulate learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach. Our emphasis on enquiry-based approaches, both within and beyond traditional learning environments, means we're quick to implement new technologies wherever we believe they will be beneficial; we are looking to develop well-rounded students with 21st century skills who are ready for an increasingly globalized world.
We benefit from best-practice teaching methods shared by professional educators all over the world but some of our freshest ideas come from listening to our students and their families.
We make it our business to pass on what we learn to others because our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional education to as many as possible