Step 1: To begin the application process, please submit your enquiry through the school writing an information sheet ,then after approval the school will contact the parents to come and fill an application form.
Before accessing this site, you may wish to read the following guidelines providing simple instructions for completing the online application process.
Step 2 :The entrance exams for the new applicants to join the school.They are informed with the date for the students to sit for the exams. please ensure that the student will pass three exams:English ,Maths and Arabic and achieve excellent results.Any enquiries for all future correspondence refer back to the front office in school.
An acknowledgement confirmation containing the next steps with down payment within ten days for enrollment of your child.
Step 3: After receiving the acknowledge steps the papers for your child should be submitted to the students affairs. To proceed with the registration process. Submit the requested documents, listed below to the Registrar:
-- 4 applicant’s passports photos – (print the applicant’s name clearly on the back of each picture).
-- Copy of 3 years of school reports to include most recent school report (must be in English) .
-- Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate (must be in English or Arabic).
-- Copy of Applicant’s immunization record.
-- Copy of graduation certificates of the father and mother for college.
-- Copy of Father’s and Mother’s ID Card This is a required document for the registration of the application by the Ministry of Education in Egypt.
These are required documents for the registration of the child by the Ministry of Education in Egypt.
**Reminder - Applications will not be processed until full documentation and payment of application fee has been received.