Tiba Language Academy is part of the TLA Education family, a network of international schools worldwide that offers students the highest standard of education. As a TLA Education school, we embody the TLA core concepts of: leading through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning, and global citizenship.
Tiba Language Academy is a state-of-the-art center of inspirational learning for children from Pre-K to Grade 12.
Our curriculum is based on national and Common Core state standards and best practice research. Instruction is focused on the learning needs of the individual child with mastery of essential skills being one of the school’s fundamental goals.
Our school empowers students to fully develop their intellectual, emotional, social, creative, and physical skills in a challenging and supportive environment. Beyond academics, the school strives to instill in its students a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and an appreciation for cultural diversity, while equipping them with the higher-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to be successful in life.

Our Vision

TLA vision is to promote excellence and ensure that every child has a a meaningful education in a stimulating and safe environment.Empowering and inspiring our students for the future.
Achieving high potentials through holistic and challenging education.


T.L.A will become one of the best schools worldwide and we believe the best schools produce learners who are purposeful, tenacious, innovative and respectful leaders.
Comprehensive in scope based on a rigorous set of standards which define the characteristics of high quality, effective learning communities and encompass all aspects of a school’s operation.
Plan that provides the framework to meet all strategic targets by 2024. Thus, the school has identified 5 major learning plan goals that will guide academic and curriculum improvement over the next half-decade:

Major Learning Plan #1

Improve understanding and application of effective assessment strategies
What will this look like in the future? TLA will:
• Review and refine all assessment to develop more authentic assessments of, as, and for learning.
• Provide professional learning opportunities to all teachers to improve their understanding of assessment practices.

Major Learning Plan #2

Develop a common understanding of what their core values look like and embed learning activities to develop these attributes within the curriculum.
What will this look like in the future? TLA will:
• Execute clear, community-approved benchmark examples of core values for early years’, lower school and upper school.
• Review and augment the current curriculum to ensure that units of study incorporate learning activities to support the development of school values.

Major Learning Plan #3

Expand application of inquiry / problem-based learning in order to increase learner autonomy and engagement.
What will this look like in the future? T.L.A will:
• Collaborate between faculty members to allow common-themed PBL (problem-based learning) tasks.
• Give new teacher mentors who can help share strategies for implementing PBL.
• Introduce new PBL units and learning activities that will be created for every subject area / grade level.

Major Learning Plan #4

Develop units of study that allow students opportunities to explore areas of interest and passion that provide cross-curricular learning opportunities.
What will this look like in the future? TLA will:
• Develop a mentor teacher program to increase the use and acceptance of flipped classrooms and project PBL strategies; the aim is to restructure and differentiate how students learn.
• Grant student choice which allows them to be self-directed learners in their areas of interest and passion.
• Deliver cross-curricular opportunities across subjects and grades as commonplace.

Major Learning Plan #5

Increase the capacity and practice of differentiating learning activities to ensure that all students have access to learning tasks that are at an appropriate level.
What will this look like in the future? TLA will:
• Provide each student with the appropriate level of challenge in all learning activities.
• Offer gifted-and-talented students access to advanced units and courses of study and extension opportunities within other units.
• Provide teachers with opportunities to develop their differentiation strategies through professional learning.

According to feedback from TLA evaluators, the group remarked that “TLA parents spoke very highly of the supportive, welcoming learning environment and the strong sense of pride and spirit among the students.
Many parents spoke passionately about their reasons for choosing TLA after visiting the school for a tour and speaking with teachers, students and staff about the learning approach and school community.” In fact, one evaluator noted that TLA “understands inclusion and has created a culture where students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and learning abilities come together under one roof to create a positive learning community.”
Lastly, a sincere and deserved congratulations goes to TLA Education School board of Directors, principal, staff members , students, parents and various local stakeholders that have contributed and loyal to TLA during this journey. They sincerely appreciate the role that many groups and people have played in the school to achieve this prestigious honor.

What does the research say?

Research has shown that the single biggest reason a child does well at school is the support of parents who take a real, active and consistent interest in their child’s education at home.
The research suggests that a parent who is actively and consistently engaged in their child’s learning can add the equivalent of two to three years of additional education over their school career.
This is precisely why we’re so keen to promote the importance of parental engagement.

Every parent has something to offer

Conversation is at the heart of positive parental engagement.
It’s not necessarily about sitting with your child and helping them with their homework.
Every parent, regardless of their culture, language or experience, can talk to their child and show an interest in their learning.
By asking questions, listening and encouraging you child with praise and direction, you can reinforce learning and become an active partner in the educational process. It can be as easy as 3-a-day.

T.L.A Parental Engagement Programmed

We believe passionately in helping all of our students reach their full potential, which is why we have introduced the T.L.A Parental Engagement Programmed into all of our schools.
This provides opportunities for parents to engage with their child’s learning and develop a better understanding of engagement strategies and their child’s learning needs.
Every T.L.A school has developed its own engagement programmer to suit the particular needs of their community. However, certain basics are expected from every T.L.A school. This includes:
• Recognizing the central role of parents in the teaching and learning and process;
• Informing parents of student study programmers in advance so they can offer support where necessary;
• Providing the tools, resources and guidance parents need to support their child’s learning;
• Receiving a minimum amount of face-to-face contact with teachers during the school year;
• The creation of a parents’ association to help the school spread best practices to all parents.
To find out more about how we promote parental engagement at the Tiba Academy, please contact our team.